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Top 10 Family & Adoption Videos of 2019 – Foster Parents Article

As we look back at the stories we shared in 2019, these 10 videos left the biggest impression on our followers — and on us. Which one is your favorite? Do you have a video or a story that you think would be good for us to share? Send it!   This is only a snippet of a Foster Parents Article written by Daniel Hespen Read Full Parenting Article

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2 Things We Try Before International Adoption – Foster Parents Article

Holt does more than adoption?! A misconception we often hear is that Holt International is only an adoption agency. This probably stems from our long history in international adoption, but in truth, Holt serves far more children through programs that help them stay with their families. At Holt, we in fact consider international adoption to be the last, best option for children. Holt’s model of adoption is child-centric, meaning that we uphold the needs of the child as our number…

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