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‘Mum has a boyfriend…’ – broke-single-dad – Single Dad, Parents Article

This one is a mixed bag! strap in, keep up and enjoy! The days between me last seeing the cubs and my weekend had dragged. The Thursday pick-up couldn’t come soon enough. The after-school club collection was the usual long hugs and excited storytelling. The immediacy of filling in the last seven days crammed the next few minutes. Youngest however maintained his usual reserved stance. How was school? ‘Good’ What was your most favourite part? ‘Some of it’ What was…

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All in good time – broke-single-dad – Single Dad, Parents Article

It hasn’t been plain sailing in the BSD household recently, and I’m squarely to blame. Youngest cub has made the quantum leap to being potty trained. A real milestone in the transition from toddler to child. I’m ever so proud of him; he even goes to the bathroom standing up, after observing daddy in some uncomfortably candid moments. I was conscious of this milestone as he entered the schooling system last September. His birthday is in late August and he…

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