Child Education

Helping Children Cope with Exam Stress – Parents Article

Almost all children face exam stress when learning. At least this “Take out your no. 2 pencils” may be the single most anxiety-inducing phrase in our elementary schools. The pressure to perform on standardized test starts early, bombarding our children’s psyches with undue stress. Even great students who have spent the year preparing for their End Of Grade (EOG) exams may struggle to stay in a healthy headspace. What’s more: their scores are likely to reflect it. Meanwhile teachers and…

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Why to Teach Financial Literacy to Chidren – Parents Article

Parents are responsible for their children and are there to prevent them from making bad decisions such as starting a smoking habit or doing drugs but apart from these, parents are also given the often challenging task of ensuring a good financial future for their children and let them develop financial literacy. In a 2013 report by the Fiscal Times, 60% of all 50 states ranked low in teaching financial literacy to high school students – an alarming development that…

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