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My Rights As A Father, Do Not Care About Your Feelings – Single Dad, Parents Article

Yesterday morning, the Friday before Father’s Day, I joined men and women across the country in standing for parental equality and fathers’ rights at the fourth annual Fatherless Day Equal Parenting Rally. I stood at the state Capitol in Austin, TX with 50+ people; both men and women who are sick of the injustices of the American “family” court system. People who are sick of seeing Fathers treated like second-class citizens, or ATM’s. I spoke to men who have not…

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Maybe This Year Will Be Different; Christmas For An Alienated Dad – Single Dad, Parents Article

As you sit at home with your family on Christmas Eve, watching Miracle on 34th Street or wrapping your last few presents, there’s a father out there who won’t get to see his kid tomorrow. Sure, he put up the old Christmas tree given to him by a friend when they no longer needed it; he even put on the lights and ornaments purchased from a neighbor’s garage sale. He scraped together what little money he had left after child…

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