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A Review of Bess & George Clothing – The Real Chic Life – Single Mum, Parents Article

If you know me you know I am pretty brand loyal. I love having my go-to clothing stores where I know the quality, the aesthetic and the fit of the clothing. As my shopping ventures continue to move to much more online than in-store shopping, being brand loyal is particularly helpful. I am someone who loves to be able to feel and smell (that part might be a little weird) the fabrics. I have an eye and a nose for…

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How My Fashion Week Dream Got an Upgrade – The Real Chic Life – Single Mum, Parents Article

I’ve been thinking a lot about being open to creative opportunities. As someone who is used to having a plan, that can be a bit of a challenge for me. If you’re familiar with Gabriel Bernstein, the author of The Universe Has Your Back and several other inspirational books, you may have heard her say that it’s one of the mantras she frequently uses. I have to be honest it really doesn’t come easily to me. I am learning to trust my…

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