Oh brother. Oh sister. – Parenting Twins Article

Double the joy, double the angst. Double the amusement, double the disbelief. Double the pride, double the worry. Double this, double that. I have to say their timing is pretty impeccable right down to their bowel movements and that is no laughing matter especially when we are away with only one toilet between us.  Oh come on, twins – hold onto your horses! Double the laughs, double the trouble.Double the fun, double the energy. Double the kisses, double the arguments. Double this, double that. I…

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Charlotte. – Parenting Twins Article

When we first laid eyes on each other in the delivery suite, her pair of striking amber coloured eyes bore straight into my soul and in that moment, I wondered if she would give me a run for my money. Well, time has certainly confirmed this for me.She is fiercely independent – while keeping an eye on everyone around her.She is intuitive – completes my sentences and senses my emotions.She is dedicated to her studies – while being able to multi-task successfully.She is…

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