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Scary or Spooky Behavior? – Parents Article

Scary or Spooky Behavior? As parents and people who work with children, we bear witness to a broad range of behaviors. From sweet to sour and everything in between. Truth is, we see the same range of behaviors in adults! If you’ve been around people long enough, you know exactly what I mean.  No Judgment Rather than viewing tantrums, screaming matches, whining and teeth-gnashing episodes as behavior problems and character flaws, what if instead, we looked at them as the…

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Don’t Go Out on a Limb to Raise Great Kids – Parents Article

Growing Great KidsIn parenting, as in many things, the tried-and-true, simple things are often the best. It’s been said that good parenting isn’t rocket science…and I would wholeheartedly agree. It’s much more challenging…because there’s not one single formula that works with all kids. Still, we don’t have to go out on a limb to raise great kids. There are some things that we know help raise honorable, well-adjusted kids…and we’ve collected a few tried and true ways in our infographic.Even…

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Negative Thinking, Positive Thinking and Parenting – Parents Article

Your Internal Tape DeckDo you remember tape players (perhaps even the 8-track tape variety)…those magical, wonderful contraptions that allowed us to listen to music on tape before the advent of walkman radios, compact discs, MP3 players, digital downloads and the like?These outdated devices allowed us to stop, rewind…and play certain parts of the tape over and over, at will.  Now, imagine that you have a tape deck in your head. This particular tape deck provides a running commentary on your…

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