Life Is Beautiful: To 2019, With Love – Single Dad, Parents Article

Half a year is over, and another half the year about to begin.  So many things transpired the last few months, it feels like my life turned upside down with someone bouncing up and down on my head in the meantime.  Why this happened, I have no idea.  Everyone faces challenges in their life.  How we face those challenges define who we are.   So, today I wanted to step back from this year’s craziness and try to look at…

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Random acts of kindness: a challenge – Single Mum, Parents Article

If there’s one thing I love, it’s stationery. As well as owning a lifetime supply of beautiful notebooks, I also love to write letters – but not just normal letters. I like to send letters, cards, newspaper or magazine clippings, books I think people will enjoy. And I like for the post that drops on someone’s doormat to be interesting. I recently discovered Bestbuyenvelopes, which has a great range of differently coloured and patterned envelopes which are great for this…

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