Duchess Kate and Prince William open up about homeschooling their kids during the pandemic – Parents Article

In this rare interview, Kate and William discuss homeschooling and parenting during the pandemic, along with the importance of taking care of mental health. Duchess Kate and Prince William gave a very rare interview to the BBC during the coronavirus pandemic in which they discussed homeschooling and parenting at this time, along with the importance of taking care of mental health—and even the Duke of Cambridge’s worries about Prince Charles battling the illness. In the wide-ranging and deeply personal interview,…

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Diabolical Rantings of a Single Dad: Milo Leaves Breitbart – Single Dad, Parents Article

It is absolutely absurd to see how the left targets any conservative who happens to have a loyal following. However, it does certainly serve to flaunt the undeniable power they have, by-way of the liberal media, to crush and destroy those who oppose them. I’m disappointed to see Milo Yiannopoulos leave Breitbart, but pleased to hear he will continue his speaking engagements and also still intends to have his book published.I hate seeing celebrities, politicians and other public figures cave…

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