10 Tips for visiting Canada – Single Mum, Parents Article

Planning a trip to Canada this winter? Here are a few things to know before you set off: 1. You may need a visa or eTA. Before you even think about visiting Canada, you need to get a visa or electronic travel authorsation in place. If you arrive in Canada without the correct visa or authorisation in place they can put you straight back on a plane home again. Canada is part of the Commonwealth, but that doesn’t mean you…

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A Heart-Breaking Keyword Search for The Single Father’s Guide – Single Dad, Parents Article

So, I also see what Keywords are used to search for the information that leads readers to the blog. Usually, I see words searched that include, “Single Father Quotes,” “Sex as a Single Father,” and “Easy to Make Recipes for Single Dad.” Today, I saw a Keyword search that floored me, “How to be a Widower Father.” Sorry, Brother. You’re welcome here. This is only a snippet of a Parents Article written by (About Matthew) Read Full Parenting Article

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