Short Video of One of the Most Moving Moments of the Year – Foster Parents Article

Without exaggeration, it was one of the most moving and meaningful things I’ve experienced in the past year.  It came in the opening moments of CAFO2019, as participants from across the US and around the world offered glimpses of the brokenness and beauty of their own stories in simple signboards – as a birthmother…an exhausted social worker…a former orphan…a single foster mom…human trafficking victim…foster siblings…and others. The video below captures it well, and I still find tears coming to my…

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Wall Street Journal:  Christians Are Pro-Life After Birth, Too – Foster Parents Article

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal claims, “Christians Are Pro-Life After Birth, Too.”  Its subtitle backs up the bold statement this way: “If you want to see for yourself, attend the Christian Alliance for Orphans summit.” Writer Naomi Schaefer Riley, herself Jewish, penned the piece after attending the CAFO2019 Summit last month.  It begins: Legislation restricting abortion in Georgia, Alabama and other states has helped bring a decades long conflict back to the center of American politics. Some worn-out…

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Why is the Word “Brokenness” in the CAFO2019 Theme? – Foster Parents Article

Virtually every person I know in this field has expressed something similar.  Fellow adoptive and foster parents.  Nonprofit leaders.  Social workers.  Church ministry leads.  Dedicated mentors. “It’s beautiful.  And it’s really, really hard.” Each story is different.  But whenever we come near to our world’s hurt, we will share in its pain. Whenever we come near to our world’s hurt, we will share in its pain. It’s been that way for me and my family for sure.  Nearly all our…

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