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Day 1 in Bulgaria with My Family- A Day Full of Lessons – Parents Article

Today was… a day full of lessons. All sorts of lessons. About interesting things and frustrated things, and while I would love to say it was an amazing, tremendous, stupendous day, to be honest, more than anything today I felt frustration. However, out of all that frustration came lessons, and with those lessons hopefully ideas on how to improve things for the future. The lesson that started the day was about Bulgarian parking… which I must say, is quite ridiculous.Last…

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Our Upcoming Family Trip | Penniless Parenting – Parents Article

A picture of the apartment where we’ll be staying Right now I was supposed to be getting ready and packing my bags for a trip to the airport. A few months ago I booked tickets for a vacation for myself. I was to fly in to Frankfurt Hahn Airport in Germany tomorrow, take a bus to Luxembourg and stay there for the weekend at a a hostel, after which I was going to continue by bus to Paris, stay at…

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