Hey Parents, Let’s Not Raise Asshole Children. – Parents Article

Yesterday, my normally ‘good’ child gave me a glimpse of what we could expect in his teenage years. He was surly and rude and quite frankly, no bum klap or timeout was working. I eventually resorted to banning his TV time for 3 nights (yes, shit escalated). Now, any parent worth their salt understands that a ban on TV time is actually harder for the adults. Our Netflix gets switched on so fast an hour before bed that sometimes magicians blink twice. I use the…

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GUEST BLOGGER Alisa Pittaluga: Boyhood Is Not a Disease – Single Dad, Parents Article

The Favorite Son: competing and being a boy. Why we are failing our sons and what we need to do about it? The current ages of my three sons span from toddler to teen, and so my world is now consumed with everything boy. My oldest child who recently left for college, is not only a beautiful young woman, but also a convenient model for comparison in my now boy-centered world. I am worried about my boys. I believe boys…

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