Body Image

How To Help Your Daughter With Body Image Issues – Parents Article

Young women have always struggled with societal pressures where body image is concerned. For girls coming of age in the era of social media, however, this pressure has become substantially more intense and pervasive. Not only are girls today expected to grow up to be powerful, confident career women, they feel they have to compete with the heavily edited physiques of social media celebrities. The expectations placed on young women are, in short, completely unrealistic—but few girls realize this is…

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The Meme Every Breastfeeding Mom Will Relate To – Parents Article

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these last few weeks, you’re sure to have stumbled across the #10YearChallenge hashtag: the social media trend pairing two photos of the same individual, spaced ten years apart. Across the globe, friends are collectively praising one another’s ageing, all the while skeptics are questioning whether the hashtag is an evil cog in the Zuckerberg empire…after all, what better way to develop facial recognition technology (for free) than to collect millions of side-by-side snapshots…

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