Create personalised themed party invitations fast and simple – Multiples and More – Parenting Twins Article

I’ve always been a little bit adventurous when it comes to party invitations and such. I’m an aspiring crafter, and was always that person who spent the extra time to make her own valentines or get my friends to make t-shirts for our fundraisers. Unfortunately, as I got older I got a little bit busier. With kids and a career, I really don’t have time or patience to sit down with scissors and glitter. I have even less patience for…

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Now You Are Four – Twinderelmo – Parenting Twins Article

I read back the post I wrote when my girls turned three, so I felt it was fitting to write one this year. Girls, on your fourth birthday I can’t believe we are here. Now you are four, life is about to crank up a notch. This past year, dare I say, has been easier. Being twins has really come into its own and you absolutely love playing together. Aided by the confidence you’ve picked up after nine months at…

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