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Kylie Jenner created an entire theme park for Stormi’s 2nd birthday – Parents Article

Photo: @kyliejenner via Instagram If money wasn’t an issue, what kind of birthday party would you throw your kid? Would you get a bouncy castle? A flock of princesses to entertain your guests? Or how about an entire theme park with three different worlds based on your kid’s current interests? If you picked that last option, you’d be in the same boat as celeb mom Kylie Jenner, who did just that for her daughter Stormi’s second birthday this past weekend.…

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Fast Approaching 4…Still Not a Pinterest Mom – Parenting Twins Article

A & L, my girl/boy twins are fast approaching age 4. I’m super excited about this because as time progresses, communication (both ways) is becoming easier.  They sort of understand me, and I sort of understand them. Somehow though when it comes to daddy they haven’t made the leap into communicating effectively. Mom or Dad as disciplinarian and alpha role, a topic for another time. Their birthday is in 22 days and although I began making a list of party…

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