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Birth Story Of The Week – Lorna and Reggie – Parenting Twins Article

I’m incredibly grateful for my three beautiful babies. All of them with their own unique and diverse birth story. But the tale of my third, and final (it’s absolutely our last) baby is one that I am so proud to tell – and that is something I thought I would never be able to say. Despite believing I was fully prepared for all my births; I really wasn’t equipped to deal with the physical and mental aftermath. So, with two…

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Birth Story of the Week – Kym, Jade and Tate – Parenting Twins Article

We planned our son. We always knew that I would carry any babies we had, you know when each partner knows their roles within a marriage? Well that’s us. I will be the the waddling child bearer and my darling wife will be the one to continue to work full time and be the main earner for our family.  She’s the one who entertains with jokes, I’m the one who entertains by cooking for people. Like I said, we know…

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Birth Story of the week – Erin and Roman – Parenting Twins Article

My name is Erin Smithers (or Noandroblog) I am 23 years old, the  mother of two lively, beautiful boys and a student nurse. I became a mother at 16 years old, and never had anyone to discuss my ‘birth story’ with so it’s quite the honour to put it on Gas & Air! My first birth was an event of blur, angst and big red alarms. There was definite fear around Roman’s birth. I had a ‘my body is made to do…

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Birth Story of the week – Steph and Bea – Parenting Twins Article

A birth is a birth, no matter the outcome – something which I stand by every single day. I’m a midwife so having a baby was a whole multitude of emotions for me – the worry and panic of everything that can happen but also the capacity to know about the incredible outcomes and the families we see created. On Wednesday 1st November, I went into hospital to be induced. The induction took a while for anything to happen, mostly…

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VBAC Water Birth – Sarah and Libby – Parenting Twins Article

I had my first baby in 2013, after 3 days in labour they found that he wasn’t actually head down and his head was stuck in the side of my pelvis, which meant an emergency c-section (something I had not prepared for as I was terrified of it so thought rather naively that I wasn’t going to have a section) Noah was born by emergency section on 9th June 2013, 10 days early but a healthy 6lbs 13oz. When we…

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Featured Twin Blogger – Amanda’s Great Idea! – Multiples and More – Parenting Twins Article

This week we welcome Amanda, mom to twin girls and blogger over at Amanda’s Great Idea.  Enjoy her story as she shares how she announced her twin pregnancy to her family!!   Finding out we are having Twins! My husband and I are only children, so imagine our surprise when we found out we were having twins! When discussing our family planning hopes and dreams, my husband was pretty set on just having one child. We both had great only children experiences;…

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Birth Story of the Week – Helen and Soren – Parenting Twins Article

This is Helen’s second appearance on the blog she also wrote her first birth story which is featured in my book ‘How To Grow A Baby And Push It Out’. Helen writes and publishes the magazine Lionheart, lives with her partner and 2 children in Bristol. I’m sitting here now with baby Soren right next to me, my rounded tummy still making for a good laptop perch, a yearning for chocolate digestives and a cup of Yorkshire tea. I’ll get…

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