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Here’s why organic baby products are worth the cost – Parents Article

Congratulations! You have a bundle of joy on the way and it’s time to begin preparing. You have a lot of items to purchase for your little one, including bottles, diapers, and clothing. Baby expenses can add up, making parents want to find as many bargains as possible. While cost-effective baby items can be easier on the family financially, is it the best for your baby’s health? Studies show that spending the extra money for certain organic baby items are…

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5 Crucial Things Parents Need to Do before Baby’s Arrival – Parents Article

It doesn’t matter what method you are using to get the baby. There are too many ways to be a parent, and natural birth is just one of them. Whether through surrogacy, adoption, or getting yourself pregnant, you know your cake is fully baked the last four months to your little one’s arrival.  It is essential to create a comfortable home for both you and your bundle of joy. Surprisingly, even if you have raised a good number of children…

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A Plugin To Make Baby Shopping Easier and Less Toxic – Parents Article

I love using Chrome extensions and plugins for comparison shopping. I use quite a few when online shopping to make sure I am getting the best deal (is Amazon really the cheapest?) or see trends (ie when the price will drop). I also use plugins that scour the Internet for promotional coupon codes so that I rarely have to pay full price. Using these plugins I am able to save hundreds of dollars every year. I recently came across another…

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