Single Dad Days | Road-Tripping South Africa with My Boy (7) Part 2: Hog Hollow (The Crags) & Monkeyland – Single Dad, Parents Article

The Crags (Monkeyland) to East London Day 2: Waking-up at Hog Hollow is always a good reason not to leave. An early riser, unfortunately or not, I often set my internal alarm by the first bird-calls of the morning, which in winter sneak through the walls well before the first rays light the leaves.  The sky opens in tandem with eyes that have been getting used to the darkness – the bedlight lamp on the headboard is way too effective,…

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Single Dad Days | Road-Tripping South Africa with My Boy (7) Part 1: Cape Town to Hog Hollow (The Crags) – Single Dad, Parents Article

My share of the holidays with my 7 year-old Benjamin* was approaching, and with telephone communications with him where he lives (mostly) at his mother’s house difficult, I couldn’t really  prepare. We don’t really have the spare cash to fly anywhere, but the thought of a 13-hour drive to a best friend and his family – which includes a 9 year-old daughter – is equally daunting. That was my thinking before we started. The trip has been over now for…

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