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How To (Almost) Instantly Teach Your Child Their Phone Number – Parents Article

This Tech Hack Will (Almost) Instantly Teach Your Child Their Phone Number Today I wanted to show you how I taught my child her phone number. It takes about one minute to set up and is pretty much hands-off (on your part) after that. I hope you find it helpful! Kids need to know essential names and numbers, like the primary phone number, address, and last name. Our daughter wants to learn these critical facts, but she could never remember her…

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Toys For Both Genders This Holiday Season – Parents Article

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you probably already know that the gift giving season is upon us. Giving presents to friends and family can be such a gratifying experience, especially when we find the perfect item. However, it can be difficult not to fall into the gender trap when shopping for kids. Boys like trucks and anything pink is just for girls, right? Well, no actually. These days, kids and parents alike are demanding…

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