Are You Getting the Short End of the Paternity-Leave Stick? – Parents Article

Source: 1899441/Pixabay Family leave policies vary widely and can be confusing. What allowances are state-mandated? Do dads even know how much time off they are entitled to? Why are fathers not using all of their time when the benefits to their family are so great? In this guest post, Sima Bernstein, EdD, who has studied the problem extensively, sorts out why, in her words, “not using parental leave is a crying shame!”—especially for dads. When I gave birth to my…

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What Does It Take to Teach #MeToo to Boys? – Parents Article

Source: PhillipNeho/Pixabay My first boss after graduating college made extremely aggressive and inappropriate gestures and comments, as men frequently did a few decades ago. In that time—20 or 30 years ago and before—men’s harassment and violation of women was largely overlooked. If a woman complained, it was likely she would not be believed. We live in a new reality. It’s a grim reality that, thanks to #MeToo, has not only been revealed but also has begun to be dismantled. As #MeToo…

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