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Millennials Are Not “Running Out of Time” to Have Kids – Parents Article

Source: RawPixel/Pexels Guest post by Cristina Schreil. It’s no secret that older generations reached certain family-planning milestones much earlier than Millennials. For instance, getting married and having babies in one’s twenties was once seen as proper timing. That’s not the case with Millennials. Researchers at the Urban Institute found that “between 2007 and 2012 … birth rates among women in their twenties declined more than 15 percent.” As I noted in my last post on Millennials, we are doing things…

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10 Ways to Be a Happier Mother – Parents Article

Source: Magdelana-Smolnika/Unsplash One of my step-daughters is and has been my role model for how to live and more specifically, how to be a mother. She raised her children in an easy-going manner: her parenting style is high on humor, but low on perfection and the overachievement-geared forces that drive parents today. And, she’s happy. Whenever I ask her how she did it, she shrugs her shoulders. It’s as if to say that she’s like all other mothers. But most…

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