Counting Stars: Ways to help toddlers who resist sleep – Parents Article

Count yourself among the rare and lucky if you are a parent of a toddler who willingly—maybe even eagerly—hops right into bed for a peaceful night’s sleep, because most families with toddlers experience bedtime challenges. In fact, it’s part of the delightful package called toddlerhood! It’s so common, that it’s estimated that one in three children under the age of 5 either takes a long time to fall asleep; refuses to go to their bed; cries at bedtime; gets out…

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Week 44 Around Here {2019} – Parenting Twins Article

Celebrating… one year seizure free for Logan.  It’s completely surreal to me that he hasn’t had a seizure in twelve months after how many he had in 2018.  I remember thinking this day would never come.  I couldn’t imagine him going a month without a seizure, let alone an entire year.  It took five medications to find the one that has worked for him long term, and the one he is on now took a leap of faith to put…

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Holiday Stress Busters for the Whole Family – Parents Article

1. You do YOU!  It’s cliché, but it’s imperative. With all the hoopla you can find online via social media…with perfectly decked out halls and trees, scrumptious looking feasts and pictures of happy families, it’s easy to be misled to believe that everyone else is having the “perfect” holiday. Meanwhile sibling squabbles, a burnt turkey and a tree toppled over by the family cat await you…ornaments strewn from end to end in the house. Remember that what you see on…

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