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Foster Care Requirements in Siskiyou County – Foster Parents Article

Foster Care Requirements in Siskiyou County | In a perfect world, all children would be raised in a comfortable, loving environment. Unfortunately, that’s not real life, and some kids are abused and neglected from a very young age. This is nothing short of a tragedy, and many people desire to step in and offer help. If you’d like to help in a meaningful way, consider the foster care requirements in Siskiyou County.  Making a Monumental Difference There aren’t many things…

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What Is It and How To Help Your Foster Child Be A Kid Again. — – Foster Parents Article

What does Parentified mean? When a child takes on the role and responsibilities of a parent, typically through functional and emotional caregiving, they are experiencing the process of parentification. Being a parentified child goes well beyond completing age appropriate chores or learning to provide comfort to others. Parentfication involves a child sacrificing their own needs of love, guidance, nurturing and attention, to care for their parent(s). Its a role reversal, in which, the child feels obligated to take on the…

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The 7 Must Have Items You Need In Your Foster Home — – Foster Parents Article

What items do I need for my foster home? I have conducted nearly one hundred safety audits, and possibly, a tripled amount of quality assurance checks for my agencies foster homes. In doing so, I not only know exactly what items are necessary to have in a foster home for safety, but, also, which products are the most widely used, reliable, and recommended by foster parents. I have included a list of the 7 things you must have to be…

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