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Foster care ‘successes’ provide an ongoing inspiration 6 – Foster Parents Article

Introduction. Foster carers are likely to be aware that we’re now at the halfway point of the Annual Foster Care Fortnight. The Fostering Network has been busy promoting all the aspects of foster care to be considered. In their blog today, well worth reading, they cover the urgent need for more people to come forward to foster teenagers and sibling groups. They also stress the need to find foster parents for children with additional needs. Look out for the hashtags…

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Foster care along therapeutic lines in 2019 – Foster Parents Article

Foster care provision is changing: the number of children going into care the care system has been rising dramatically over the past five years. Sadly, many of these youngsters have been subjected to various forms of abuse and/or neglect. Understandably, they can have ‘complex’ emotional needs. Carers are needed who can respond to the needs of such children. Reference work for carers. As part of maintaining awareness of this increasingly important subject, we aim to highlight materials able to facilitate…

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