Baby’s Milestones

Popsical Remix – A Review – Parents Article

Daddy and daughter bonding over BTS Perfect for family bonding. “Are you sure or not?” I asked my hubby as he was setting up the system. “This small round thing is a KARAOKE system? Doesn’t look like it will have many songs!” I quipped as the hubby completed the setup. In no time, I myself was waving a microphone in my hand and singing to my favourite JJ Lin and Ed Sheeran tunes. All complete with original tracks, music video…

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Treating My Sleep Apnea with Philips DreamStation Go – Parents Article

Note:  The Philips DreamStation Go is a medical device. It should be used under proper advice and supervision of a doctor. Snoring – A Skeleton in the Closet: Since my cancer remission, I have taken an honest evaluation at my health and wellness.  That’s when I decided to confront a skeleton in the closet which I have been ashamed of – my sleep apnea (a.k.a snoring problem). I have my long-suffering husband to thank for bearing with it for so…

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