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How to Get Out the Door With Twins in 10 Easy Steps (or, Why I’m Always Sweating) – Parenting Twins Article

A hilarious look at getting out the door with twins in tow, which is one of the more difficult things you’ll do as a parent of twins. 1. Check/Reload the Diaper Bag. Because babies poop. A lot. You will need wipes, diapers, and back up clothes for the inevitable poop explosions (AKA poop up the back, poop up the front, poop out the sides). Just to be safe, pack extra back up clothes. Two sets for each baby. This is…

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Getting Out the Door With Twins – Twiniversity – Parenting Twins Article

There are a lot of articles on Twiniversity about going outside and doing fun activities with your twins. But we don’t have much advice on how to literally get out the door when you have little twins. This is a subject that often gives me anxiety, even a year after my twins were born! It’s an ever-evolving procedure to get my two boys out of the house in the morning when I’m all by myself. As they grow and gain abilities,…

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Single Dad Holidays – Our Top 5 Destinations – Single Dad, Parents Article

Do you feel like your family is in desperate need of a vacation? But are you also scared to embark on a family holiday as a single dad? Don’t worry, there are amazing destinations perfect for single parents that will not only provide your kids with plenty of adventure and excitement but also allow you to relax, unwind, bond with your little ones and have some much-needed fun! Here are a few places you might consider for your vacation.  …

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