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Your Baby has Gone on a Nursing Strike! Yikes, What Should you Do? – Parents Article

Today’s blog is especially for Tyler, who is feeling incredibly anxious that her baby has gone 8 hours and is showing no signs of being hungry or wanting a breastfeed. This is what she sent me: Hello Karen Faulkner! Carter is 6.5 months and not interested at all in milk feeds during the day! He will go 8 hours and isn’t “catching up” during the night either. I’m a bit worried because he’s not a great eater (only does finger…

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Not Once but Twice – Nurture Parenting – Parents Article

When you’ve helped a family not just once but twice now to get a good night’s sleep it definitely needs sharing. “Hello lovely Karen, I’ve been holding out emailing you a progress and finally I have great success I wanted to share. I am not surprised that William has adjusted so quickly and he’s even more deliciously adorable than ever. I think he’s loving the tweaked routine as much as mum & dad are. Since our call last Sunday will…

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