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How To Clean The Newborn’s Tongue And Avoid Mouth Thrush – Indian Parenting & Motherhood Blogger – Parents Article

by Suditsha Sanyal There are a few reasons why babies might have a white tongue, but mouth thrush is one of the most common reasons, and here is what you must know to ease a newborn discomfort Hurray! It’s the time to rejoice because finally after waiting for 9 months your tiny little world has arrived but at the same time, you might be feeling a little bit tensed as you’re a novice in motherhood. Well, at least I felt…

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10 Common Indian Baby Superstitions – Parents Article

Superstitions abound in Indian culture, no matter where you live! Here we look at 10 common Indian baby superstitions – are they myths or based on fact? Indians are no stranger to superstitions, whether it’s adding an extra letter to your name, running at the sight of a black cat or hanging strings of lemon and chillies. So it’s only natural that pregnancy and babies will have their own share of special superstitions! If you’re an Indian Mom or a…

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Every Childhood Is Incomplete Without These Baby Care Products – Parents Article

Shopping for a newborn is exciting and a little daunting at the same time. With hundreds of products stocked up on the aisles of baby stores, making a choice is nothing less than challenging. You know that you need a safe car seat and petite pom-pom caps for the baby, but what else? What all do you need to drop in the shopping cart? Standing clueless in a store won’t help. So, here is a list of baby care products…

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