Aware Parenting

Looking for a Parenting Support Course? What I learned from a year of studying parenting programs. – Parents Article

As part of my research project to evaluate a parenting program, I first had to study OTHER well established parenting programs to get an idea of how I was going to plan my project. What started as an innocent little hunt to find information on parenting programs, ended up in me writing a critical review on the most popular parenting programs that you can find today. These are the highlights of what I have found. If you’re a parent or…

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A Deeper Understanding of ‘Power Struggles’ – Parents Article

A common woe in the parenting world you hear about are ‘power struggles‘. Let’s use getting in the shower (willingly) as an example. The child resists. Parents dig their heels in. The child digs THEIR heels in. And the struggle goes on and on. Old fashioned advice is to give them a smack. The ‘newer’ popular version of this advice is that if you just toughen up, set clear boundaries, or use a systematic discipline system, then the power struggles…

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Power Reversal Games: Helping Kids to Connect and Cooperate – Parents Article

We were sitting at the table, eating dinner, when my 19 month old son initiated a game that he’s done many times before. He raised his arms up, then we all raised our arms up. Then, he clapped his hands, and we all clapped our hands. The raised his arms, we copied. It was such a simple type of game, yet one that is so powerful and the whole family plays along because we know how important this type of…

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