Let Them Be Little | New Day Foster Home – Foster Parents Article

Our children have gone through so much in their short lives, way more than any child should have to go through. They know the feeling of abandonment and have spent too many nights in hospitals.  Because of their past is it even more important to let them be little. To give them normal childhood experiences that are full of joy and exploration.  It is even more important to show them how loved they are and to teach them how to…

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Music Time! | New Day Foster Home – Foster Parents Article

Every Thursday a music teacher visits our preschool class! We all love her and the kids have so much fun. We thought you might like a little peek into our music class. Austyn is ready James, does that tickle? Freddy, is that funny? Yay! Maggie claps her hands Sophie touches her shoulders Let’s dance! Josie and Maggie are having so much fun All that music made everyone pretty tired! This is only a snippet of a Foster Parents Article written…

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