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Back to School | Five Rivers Child Care – Foster Parents Article

Going back to school can be a shock to the system. After enjoying 6 weeks of summer, children are suddenly propelled back into a routine where they have to wake up early, interact with peers and learn from teachers. For some children this routine is welcomed, and school is seen as a place full of opportunities, friendships and fun. For others, there might not be such a smooth transition back into school life. Unfortunately, children may not always feel able…

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When one assessment isn’t enough: the strengths and difficulties of the SDQ | Five Rivers Child Care – Foster Parents Article

It is widely acknowledged that children in care are at greater risk of developing mental health difficulties[1]. Often, this is due to the experiences which have brought them into the care system, which may include abuse, trauma and neglect. Despite this understanding, the emotional wellbeing of those in care is not routinely assessed. Those who do screen often use the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)[2]. At Five Rivers, we initially used the SDQ, alongside a brief measure of attachment (the…

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Five Rivers Child Care included in eminent national child care industry review | Five Rivers Child Care – Foster Parents Article

Earlier in the year, we were featured in the Parliamentary Review for our industry-leading approach to developing tailored programmes to support vulnerable children and young people. The publication, which provides independent political commentary, is used to inform policy across the UK and focuses on organisations that have shown a dedication to best practice. We were chosen to be included in the review after Richard Cross, our head of assessment and therapy, gave a presentation at the House of Lords in 2018. In…

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