Spring Into STEAM – Parenting Now! – Parents Article

Spring Into STEAM As your child gets to be preschool and kindergarten age, you might hear a lot of talk about the importance of STEAM, or its earlier version STEM. STEAM is an acronym for: Science Technology Engineering Art Math STEAM (and STEM) is a way for educators and parents to help children combine different areas of knowledge and learning: Science: a way of observing the world around you; making guesses, asking questions and drawing conclusions about how things work.…

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See Me: Portraits of Foster Youth Documenting the Higher Ed Grind – Foster Parents Article

by Foster Youth Museum Executive Director, Jamie Lee Evans Unless you come from a long line of college graduates and have lots of support to swim through high school and apply for college, post secondary educational adventures aren’t easy.  Foster youth, in particular, have to grind hard to get into and finish college. The stats that surround them are rough. Too many enter the college marketplace with multiple school changes and lots of disruption during school years among other things.…

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Musings on Paris, art and protest – Single Mum, Parents Article

I’ve just returned from a weekend in Paris.  After my New York trip in August, I found that I was in a sulk for about a month.  I had been looking forward to my New York trip so much and for so long and I really missed having an adventure to look forward to.  I was in a sulk and to get out of my sulk I decided to book a weekend in Paris.   I am very aware of…

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