Understanding Power Struggles With Your Child – Parents Article

Children and adults both have a need for control—you’ve seen it when your toddler demanded the red cup instead of the green one you offered, or when your teenager didn’t listen to your advice about wearing protective gear while skateboarding. The topic of power struggles has come up frequently in our One-2-One virtual chats with parents. We all are feeling anxious about what the future holds as we wait out this pandemic. Even children, who are primarily unaware of what’s…

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Single Dad’s Guide To Jury Duty Part 4: The Deliberation Room – Single Dad, Parents Article

Every good thing must come to an end.  Whether you consider Jury Duty a good thing one might debate.  But no one can deny the pull of the Single Dad’s Guide to Jury Duty.  (Shhhh!!!  No comments from the peanut gallery!)  We spent our time covering what to do inside the room you wait for jury service.  We developed strategies designed to get you in trouble before the judge.  And we passed ourselves off as knowledgeable individuals capable of knowing…

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