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Mommy Delicious: Fixer Upper, Apartment Style: Dining Room – Single Mum, Parents Article

Black and white was the name of the game when I started thinking of ways to decorate the dining room area. I already had a white Ikea rectangular table that fit perfectly in the space and all I had to do was add the black and white Ikea chairs and table decor. I painted the walls gray (Gig’s Gray, to be exact) which is the same color as the Living Room wall, but… I added an accent wall to the…

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Mommy Delicious: Fixer Upper, Apartment Style: Living Room – Single Mum, Parents Article

It all started with the couch.It’s a black couch and it’s HEB’s black couch and he refused to get rid of his black couch. So I had to plan the living room decor around the black couch.Oh, and the treadmill that quite literally doesn’t fit anywhere else except for in the corner of the living room.So after I finished the boys’ bedroom, I got to work on the Living Room. “Start each day with a grateful heart.” I knew I wanted…

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