{Almost} Spent Half My Life With You – Parenting Twins Article

My Very Patient Groom,Nineteen years ago, you swept me off my feet and turned my world upside down with your dazzling smile, quiet charm, corny jokes, good looks, clever wit and easy going nature. Conversations flowed between us and silence were never awkward. We knew from quite early on that our friendship was rather special.We have a shared history that captures all aspects of a young couple starting out – such as an empty apartment with no furniture except for…

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Hello again – Foster Parents Article

Hey hey, I decided to spend the month of May focusing on sharing from our fostering experiences on Instagram. May was Foster Care Awareness Month and I joined a group of ladies posting something everyday. So if you want to see a bit more into the depth of our journey, read the last months posts and give me a follow! 🙂 Also I have been writing out the details of my journey with Endometriosis and a glimpse into my surgery,…

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