Lord Save The World From Ridiculous Hoverparents – Single Mum, Parents Article

I spent last Friday with Anna at her college orientation. I was expecting a whole lot of info-dump and maybe a misty moment or two, but I surprised myself. I didn’t get much more than a lump in my throat here and there and not a single tear fell. Any misty eyes I got were in relation to her reaching this milestone in her life. Her graduation ceremony is this Saturday. From there, it’s ten weeks until college move-in day.…

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And So The Little Things Commence – Single Mum, Parents Article

My son had his final chorus concert of the year yesterday. He’s had a wonderful time in his first year of High School chorus, and he’s really bloomed as a singer. He may never be a headliner, but he’s learned to listen and to blend, sing with an orchestra, and learn to sight-read. I am fiercely proud of him. Anna couldn’t come to the concert due to her company picnic at her job, which ended up being a very good…

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Dear Daughter: Congratulations! You Lived To Adulthood! – Single Mum, Parents Article

Dear Daughter: You're 18 today! You survived to adulthood!  That's it – I'm outta here. The Mom job is done. All those months of planning before you were born, all those years of scheduling and envisioning and carefully (or ham-handedly) guiding you through the childhood I carefully cultivated and into the brightly lit future I had all graphed out for you – done. Finito. Except kinda . . . not so much. Read more » This is only a snippet…

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