Why the Foster Care System is Broken — – Foster Parents Article

I read a Facebook post by a friend and former coworker, discussing her views on the recent shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida. As a high school teacher, she was disgusted with the constraints that doesn’t allow her the time to reach her troubled students; apparently, the shooter had been in foster care. Her remarks revealed to me what is wrong with the foster care system. Please bear with me through this article, as I am frustrated and angry.…

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Angry, Worried Kids {Activities the Help} – Parents Article

For Early Childhood Angry, Worried Kids Helping kids cope with BIG feelings can be a REALLY BIG job. Having the best information, tools and strategies at your fingertips makes a world of difference. Translating the research into fun, usable activities that make a difference in the lives of kids is what we are known for…and we are happy to dish it all up in this new program for parents…those of you on the front lines, 24/7. In our 4-week, on-demand…

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It’s Not A Popularity Contest – Single Dad, Parents Article

There are times – and I think it’s more now that my kids are older than when they were younger – when parents have to make a decision and the outcome is an unhappy child.  We know what call they want – but it’s not a popularity contest, so sometimes they’re just not happy. Over the last two weeks, I’ve run afoul of expectations of both of my girls.  While I can see their point of view on the issues…

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