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Knott’s Magic: 100 Reasons To Visit Knott’s Berry Farm Part 2 – Single Dad, Parents Article

*** I am currently a Brand Ambassador for Knott’s Berry Farm.  As such, Knott’s has provided me with tickets, amenities, and some amazing swag as well.  Plus, some great food.  While I have been provided this stuff, all the information expressed herein about 100 Reasons to Visit Knott’s Berry Farm is my own.*** Hi!  And Welcome back to our 100 reasons to visit Knott’s Berry Farm in the year 2020.  Honestly, it’s good to visit Knott’s Berry Farm almost any…

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A Birthday Weekend at Legoland California – Parenting Twins Article

For the past three years, we have thrown Elsie a birthday party. Tired of the organization and flakey turnout, I proposed to Elsie this year that she could have a birthday trip instead. She loved the idea of a family weekend instead of a party and it did not take her long to decide on Legoland California as a destination! Elsie is a Lego fanatic and I have to say… I was probably more excited than most adults at the…

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