Chick-Fil-A’s Attempt to Appease the Belligerent Left – Single Dad, Parents Article

Chick-Fil-A is attempting to appease a clientele that will not be appeased. They should be able to see this from past situations with other companies. The liberal left in this country loves to hate and boycott.When they get what they demand, they don’t sit down and say “oh okay great, we got what we wanted, so now we can be happy and support them!”Instead, when they get what they demand, they just demand more. They demand donations and reparations to…

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Welcoming Home A Veterans Day Hero – Single Dad, Parents Article

Returning to DFW airport yesterday after an out of state business trip, I️ witnessed something incredible. After landing, I️ left my plane, and on the way to the baggage claim, only two gates down from mine, I️ was stopped in my tracks.I’m a huge supporter of our military and law enforcement, so I’m a sucker for any display of patriotism. Flags, National Anthem, historical monuments, all of it. So when I️ was about to exit to the baggage claim and…

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