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Understanding Unite the Right Rally Violence – Single Dad, Parents Article

Why is it that yesterday’s Unite the Right rally seemed to be mostly violent, while the Women’s March (a much larger rally) was mostly peaceful? My answer would be that the difference in outcome is due to the attitudes of those who oppose them. Sure, plenty of people, including myself, opposed the Women’s March. Not because we are anti-woman, but because we disagree with the rhetoric and ideology used to justify it. But did you see any violent protests against…

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South Texas Flooding and the Alt-Left – Single Dad, Parents Article

Okay liberals, so tell me, what are Antifa and Black Lives Matter doing to help the hurricane victims in south Texas? The reason I ask, is this; I know police officers, fire fighters, and other people who liberals would consider “alt-right” or “White Nationalists” (AKA: proud Americans), who are currently using their boats and 4-wheel drive vehicles to rescue strangers from the flooding and get them to safety. Photo Credit: Cory Kramer Meanwhile, Antifa is beating the shit out of…

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