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If You Have A Teen, Read This! – Parents Article

Is your relationship with your teenager changing? Are you grieving a little, and celebrating a little? Is your teenager ready to leap forward? Are you struggling to find your balance in parenting your teenager? I hope your relationship with your teenager is changing – it should be, and this typically involves more of a need for privacy, a need for separation from you for the emerging self.  However, many parents have  a hard time navigating this emotionally and also how…

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my teen is lonely! | The Parenting Passageway – Parents Article

It’s itneresting that I hear this not only from homeschooled families, but also from families who have teens in a school setting, and probably more from the families with teens in school.  The teen years can be hard in that teens are often figuring out who they are.  Cliques and bullying can be an huge issue, especially in the middle school grades of 6-8, despite everything said at school about inclusion and being kind to everyone. IN high school, this…

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going off the rails | The Parenting Passageway – Parents Article

I talk to many parents whose teenagers have developed serious problems with drugs, alcohol, addiction to media, toxic relationships and more.  Mostly this began in the middle school years, and just like a train coming down the track, the parents could see it wasn’t going anywhere wonderful.  Sometimes the situation was ignored, thinking it would go away, and sometimes the parents jumped in with both feet to try to derail what was coming. Sometimes the situation could be handled and…

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