Competitive Gymnastics: Year 1 Day 1 – Parenting Twins Article

For the past four years, my girls have taken gymnastics classes at a small gym near our home.  They started in a Mommy and Me class, moving up through a few levels and although I’ve always noticed they have a natural ability, I wasn’t really pushing them to do more than the one hour a week. Then a couple months ago they asked to add an additional tumbling class.  So two hours a week.  The tumbling class was private so…

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Running with life | My Life with Identical Twins – Parenting Twins Article

I like to run.  I mean, I’m not fast (turtles may actually be faster).  But I enjoy it.  I like the solitude because, generally speaking, being around hordes of people is not my idea of a good time.  I like listening to music as my feet pound the treadmill or pavement.  I like the soreness that comes from a really good run. A couple months ago, G tells me “I want to run like you mommy!”  This makes me proud…

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Solo Travel Part I: Hell in Shanghai and Love in Bangkok – Single Mum, Parents Article

Stay with me because this is a long two part post on the first leg of my solo trip through Southeast Asia. (At least there are plenty of nice pictures.) Let’s start from the beginning… Silly me thought I could book a ticket with the longest layover in Shanghai so I could explore the city a little. Who doesn’t like two trips for the price of one?So there I went and booked a 12 hour layover. I figured it only…

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