“Reviving Ophelia”: Saving Adolescent Girls…Again – Parents Article

Source: Rahmani-Kresna/Unsplash We still live in what clinical psychologist Mary Pipher called “a girl-poisoning culture” in the 1990s when her book Reviving Ophelia stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for three years. Defining cultural elements have changed, and the updated 25th Anniversary edition addresses the challenges this generation of parents and their adolescent girls face. Young girls are lonelier in spite of and because of social media, and many of their difficulties are distinctively different from the drug culture…

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Science Says Today’s Girls Are More Anxious Than Ever – Parents Article

Source: Sean-Kong/Unsplash Parents worry that their daughters constantly seem pressured and stressed. Turns out, most are. Studies show an alarming increase in the anxiety and stress experienced by girls starting at age 10 and through college. If you have a daughter, you know: They are under enormous pressure to do well in school, to be socially engaged and accepted, to look good — any one of which can at times cause what feels like crippling stress or anxiety.  According to…

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13 Parent Assists to Help Children Become Tech-Savvy Users – Parents Article

Source: Rawpixel/Unsplash Like many lately, my friend Alice’s son is addicted to Fortnite, the video game of the moment. Unsure of what to do, Alice offered her 12-year-old several hundred dollars to abandon Fortnite for a month. He refused without hesitation. So a few weeks later, when I asked a young man in his 20s to explain the sensation to me, he instantly likened Fortnite to “crack.” For many parents, who might already have to nag their children to put down…

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