Recap- Virginia Summit on Childhood Trauma & Resilience 4/25/19 – Foster Parents Article

Recap- Virginia Summit on Childhood Trauma & Resilience 4/25/19 Posted: April 30th, 2019  –  By: Emily Griffey On Thursday April 25, 2019 Voices hosted over 950 attendees at the Virginia Summit on Childhood Trauma and Resilience. The goal of the Summit was to connect child-serving professionals and advocates across the Commonwealth to best practices to prevent, and better address, the impacts of childhood adversity. California’s first Surgeon General and well-known ACEs expert, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, provided the keynote address.…

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True Story: The Nurtured Heart Approach® and Me – Foster Parents Article

Lenore Bonilla, embrella’s Support Services Manager, shares her experiences with The Nurtured Heart Approach® Grounded.  That’s a word I became very familiar with in high school.  No, I don’t mean grounded as in “realistic” – I mean grounded as in punished, sent to my room, cut off from friends or from my computer.  I wasn’t a bad kid, really, but there were certain rules I was bad at following.  Mostly, it was my chores, and specifically, it was mowing the…

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