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Running with life | My Life with Identical Twins – Parenting Twins Article

I like to run.  I mean, I’m not fast (turtles may actually be faster).  But I enjoy it.  I like the solitude because, generally speaking, being around hordes of people is not my idea of a good time.  I like listening to music as my feet pound the treadmill or pavement.  I like the soreness that comes from a really good run. A couple months ago, G tells me “I want to run like you mommy!”  This makes me proud…

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Twins are twins. end of story. – Parenting Twins Article

The Today show has been running a twin series this week. It started with a cute segment on Jenna and Barbara Bush (which is worth watching because they are so cute).  Then there was a segment on Nature vs. Nurture which looked at a set of identical twins separated at birth and two boys who were born a couple months apart and adopted by the same family (these boys are apparently called “Virtual Twins” – more on my thoughts on…

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