A Disturbing Trend Among Conservatives – Single Dad, Parents Article

Most of you who follow my page know that I am a fairly moderate, but right-leaning conservative with a Libertarian stance on many issues. However, even though I normally side with conservatives, I have always said that I am not above calling out those same conservatives when I believe they have screwed up. Looking back at the last couple of years, it would be difficult to honestly say that Democrats are the party of free speech. They might make this…

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Hey Women; You Are Not Oppressed! – Single Dad, Parents Article

Yes, I know all the standard rhetoric spewed by feminists and liberal politicians. “it’s a fact, there are more sexual assaults now than ever before!”“it’s been proven that women are paid less than men!”“women have a right to affordable healthcare and abortions!” Well ladies (and gentlemen who have put your testicles away for safe keeping), at the risk of surely being labeled a sexist and misogynist, I’m just going to say what everyone else is afraid to say to you;…

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