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Crepes, for the Family! – Parents Article

We are parents. We operate on variations of little to no sleep, structured days and tight schedules. At our house, I try to get ahead on meal prep early in the week but some days it doesn’t work out that way. When I come across a versatile recipe that stores and travels well, it goes on my short list. If it’s well received by the kids, it stays. These crepes have been at the top of the short list for…

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Kale, Cantaloupe, Goat Cheese Salad Recipe- SO Easy – A Child Grows – Parents Article

Hi, everyone! We have another summer salad recipe here that saves well in the fridge and is super filling.  This kale-themed salad is always such a hit, and so totally easy that it’s one of my personal favorites for all summertime events. With goat cheese, it’s easy on the stomach, and can be eaten with zero guilt. Cantaloupes are amazing this time of year- let’s enjoy one! This pairs well with any protein or side grain, but also loves to be…

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