Two Babies. Six Days. Two Towers. Eighteen Years. – Parenting Twins Article

It was a Tuesday. Our twins’ very first one.That morning at home began much like the delirious days preceding it: a 7:30am awkward and anxious tandem nursing, followed by double baby burping and dual diapering. As a first-time mom, I was adrift in the new-parent paranoia and hyper analysis of every hiccup and twitch — and yet simultaneously entranced by each finger movement and chest-inflating breath, times two. My treks up and down the stairs were strictly limited by doctor…

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Your Best and Hope – Dad the Single GuyDad the Single Guy – Single Dad, Parents Article

Generally, I try to keep things positive and keep it in perspective.  It would be easy to lament the things I’m either missing or have been without in life.  But I don’t think that serves me well – instead (and I use this metaphor a lot) I look in the mirror in the morning and hope the guy looking back knows you do your best and hope for the right outcome. Admittedly, it sounds a little overly thought out –…

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