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Monoamniotic Twins: Our Babies Without Borders – Parenting Twins Article

 Our Babies Without BordersBelladonna Marie and Blaize Andromeda       On September 9th I was watching a rather gory movie “Parana” and all of a sudden began to crave a sugar cookie so badly I could smell it! I then remembered how sensitive and sore my breasts had been the past few days and all of a sudden it hit me…. I must be pregnant. The next morning in pajamas and all, I went to the store with my husband…

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Monoamniotic Twins: There’s more than one! – Parenting Twins Article

Simon and I were very excited about our first baby scan at 11 weeks.  We couldn’t wait to see our little one for the first time. Just before the scan started Simon told the OB that my sister has triplets so it would be interesting to see if we were having twins (or more!). I confidently told the OB that we were just having one baby thank you very much! As soon as the scan started Simon and I could…

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